15 Jun

Newstwit Advertising

by Charlie Davis

Advertising on Newstwit is a great way to tap into the power of twitter. And a VERY cost effective way to reach your target audience.

Sponsorships are sold by the channel and can be reserved by the week or month. You can also buy out the entire network by the day for a large product launch or key event. When you sponsor a channel on Newstwit you’re guaranteed great exposure and there are no other ads to compete with.

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We’ll soon have an automated “Reservation System” for purchasing and uploading your ads. But in the near term, you can purchase ads via the following price list. We accept pay pal and wire transfers.

To kick off our launch, we’re offering an incredible 75% discount. These prices are only available for June and July and are first-come first-serve.

Launch Discount






Tier 1

$ 1,750

$   5,000

$    438

$  1,250

Tier 2

$ 1,000

$   3,000

$    250

$    750

Tier 3

$   700

$   2,000

$    175

$    500

Tier 4

$   350

$   1,000

$      88

$    250

Contact us to get started: 225-753-3548 or newstwit (at) liquidventures.com.

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