29 Jun

LCEA Project to Help Diane Tran Goes Viral

by Charlie Davis

Over the Memorial Day weekend we launched HelpDianeTran.com and a companion page on Facebook. Our work went viral. Within days the story was being reported across the globe and we raised $100,000 from donors in all 50 states and 19 foreign countries.charliedavis-foxandfriends-diane-tran-lv

Within minutes of first reading about Diane Tran’s situation, our team went to work to do something about it.

Diane’s unique story touched our hearts. She is a high-school honor’s student working several jobs to help provide for her and siblings. She’s understandably tired from the heavy workload and occasionally misses class. All while maintaining excellent grades with an intense course load. A Texas judge decided to make an example out of her, and sentenced Diane to 24 hours in prison and a $100 fine.

The outpouring of support for Diane led to the judge reversing the charges (after she spent the night in jail) and a $100,000 trust fund for her education.

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