9 Jun

Facebook To Offer Vanity URLs

by Charlie Davis

If you manage Facebook profiles or Facebook pages that are important to your brand – plan to stay up late Friday, June 12th. At midnight, eastern time, Facebook will be releasing vanity URLs for the general public. (they are already available for celebrities and other hi-profile accounts)

The URLs will be Facebook.com/username instead of the gobbledygook that you are used to.

More details are on the Facebook Developer’s Blog, but the basic rules are:

You can sign up for a username starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Saturday, June 13, 2009, by visiting www.facebook.com/username. After selecting one for your application or company name, you will see a green check mark indicating that the name is available before you actually claim it. In some cases, your desired username may not be available because someone has already selected it or because we’ve reserved certain names that have been brought to our attention in an effort to help third parties protect their intellectual property and other rights.

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